About Me

Growing up I loved to draw and I loved science. In college I received a B.A. in Fine Art focusing on medical imagery. Years later, I would discover the Biomedical Visualization graduate program at the University of Illinois - Chicago.

Here I was able to pull everything together that I love to do. Focusing on scientific animation, I strive to bring science to life through my modeling and animation. I also continously nurture my creative side through creature and environment concept design.


What I can do for You


Having both a B.A. in Fine Art and M.S. in Biomedical Visualization, I am proficient and skilled in multiple illustration styles, from digitally created works of art to traditional pen & ink, realisitically accurate or fantastical.

3D Modeling & Animation

My skills in 3D cover many software packages, including 3D Studio Max, Blender, MODO and ZBrush. Animation skills include fully lit and textured animated scenes with post-prodcution in Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

Concept desgin

Based on the idea that every fantastical being must follow the rules of form and function, I strive to create realistically imaginative beings and environments that are both believable as well as visually unique.